Shoot Me in the Heart

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Based on the homonymous, awarded novel by Jeong Yu Jeong, “Shoot Me in the Heart” is set at a psychiatric hospital and tells the story of two quite opposite characters who end up there for radically different reasons, eventually becoming best friends.

Soo Myung has been institutionalized since he was 19 due to a traumatic experience he had at the time and has a fear of scissors. Seung Min belongs to a rich family, but used to have pyromaniac tendencies as a teenager. However, that is not the actual reason he is held at the hospital.

The two of them strike up a peculiar friendship, among gleeful and violent nurses and a number of patients, including one who uses the rest as horses, an alcoholic who wants to become a social worker, and one who seems to know everything about the institution.

Mun Che Yong directed a violent movie, chiefly due to the frequency of brutal scenes rather than their depiction. The comedy and the drama appear in equal proportion, as is the case with the various flashbacks that slowly disclose the true story of the two patients, in an evident though successful attempt to use as many Korean favorite themes and notions possible.

In that fashion, there are two main nurses, one evil and one moral, with the former getting what he deserves in a plethora of times, and the latter proving repeatedly how just and compassionate he actually is. Furthermore, the film entails great cinematography, particularly in the scenes shot outside the hospital.

Both the protagonists, Lee Min Ki as Seung Min and Yeo Jin Goo as Soo Myunga, are wonderful in their parts, with the former having a more demanding role.

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