A Special Lady

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Hyung-jung, the number two in her crime syndicate, which “specializes” in extorting money and “favors” from people in power, dreams of retiring in order to spend the rest of her life with her son, whose existence is unknown to her colleagues. Sang-hoon is the main enforcer of the syndicate, a troubled man swamped in violence who is also in love with Hyun-jung. When Prosecutor Choi, who falls victim to the syndicate’s tactics, forms a plan to use Sang-hoon to exact revenge from Hyung-jung, all hell breaks loose.

Lee An-gyu directs another stylish gangster/crime thriller filled with impressive action, fast editing, great cinematography, and a protagonist (Kim Hye-soo) that combines sexiness with regality, only to have both of these shuttered as her enemies find their weak spots.

Nothing out of the ordinary here, but the movie is well directed, despite the somehow naive script, which fits, though, the general aesthetics of the film. Lee Sun-kyun is also great as Sang-hoon, a broken man struggling to decide where his loyalties lie, in a dog-eat-dog setting where everyone seems to have a weakness the rest of the world wants to exploit.

The film could be a bit higher on the list if only it was not so filled with cruel misogynism.

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